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Next post: Com nce, with, if you can, a Dante esque detachment, thc jungle in action. If you participate you may, as Londoners do, get used to it. Men and women, like rugby forwards, heave and surge into trains apparently already packed as tight as sardine tins; the underground corridors can become at places like Oxford Circus or Holborn so dense with people that walking pace is reduced to a penguin shuffle of half a mfle an hour; it has taken me a quarter of an hour to change platforms at Holborn. It brings out the worst side of the famous London capacities for endurance of suffering, so valuable in wartime, but criminal at times when it becomes sheer masochism. Rather than stagger office hour. let us endure the rush hours. Once a train brake down in midtunnel; fire broke out, the tunnel filled with asphyxiating fumes.

Sela Ward Hairstyle Pictures
Sela Ward Hairstyle Pictures Pics

Sela Ward Hairstyle Pictures Photo Gallery

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