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Now that you have a better sense of what yoga is all about and how it differs from yoga poses, you’re ready to move on to the next chapter of this blog, which will assist you in deciding whether to switch from yoga poses to yoga, mentorship, or a group program. First, though, read the Inspiration and then complete The Truth Exercise. Refer to the client’s sample completed exercise. Blog your thoughts in your journal or online.

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If completely truthful, my coming clean with myself and my coach would reveal one of my truths to be:

My truth is that I am not really a tough guy, as I try to appear to others.

One fear I have about revealing the above truth is:

My fear is that I will be found out as a weak man by others, for I live in a lot of fear and rarely go for what I really want in life. I want to be a good man, a good husband, and a good father. I want to take risks, but usually I chicken out. I am ready to work hard on this now.

As I read chapter 3, I realized that I have sabotaged my progress in life by avoiding accountability whether it be by avoiding sports in my youth or now avoiding hiring a coach to work toward my goals.

I know that once I hire one, I will be held responsible for working hard and progressing toward outcomes. I have spent my life avoiding this. I am tired of this and now commit toward prioritizing my vision and goals within the context of a yoga relationship.

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