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Great for snacking and sprinkling onto salads and sandwiches. They not only add flavour and texture but are a fantastic beauty secret for boosting your hair’s health and vitality. Try walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, pecans, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

Shiny curtains of flowing hair, a head full of voluptuous curls, bouncy hair that doesn’t split at the tips these are all the signs of healthy hair that looks good and helps you to look younger. However, over the years hair will show the signs of age: dullness, breakage and thinning.

And left alone, these signs will get steadily worse. Of course hair is already dead but that doesn’t mean it’s not affected by the passage of time. As we age the body’s cells don’t replace quite as quickly and so the active cells around the hair follicle are not as strong, resulting in hair that is finer, duller and weaker.

everyone and can be hard to pin down but once you’ve found it, nothing can stop you! But, ultimately, youthful hair is all about vitality and health. I learnt this as a young hairdresser and have offered advice to my clients ever since as I believe that hair health.


AND YOU COULD SAY THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE BECOME 1 JUST WORK WITH A DIFFERENT FABRIC is essential to a good hairstyle, in the same way that the best garments are made from great fabric. I started my career wanting to be a fashion designer, and you could say this is exactly what I have become 1 just work with a different fabric. If a client brings a rough bit of hessian for me to design with the creation is never as good as the finest silk. By feeding your body correctly you have more chance of shiny happy hair.

However, it’s not just about protein. A balanced diet rich in fibre is essential too. I know you don’t need me to tell you what foods are good and bad but whole grains, fruit and vegetables all help to balance hormones.

The changes in hormones as we age certainly affects hair’s vitality and manageability. So whether this advice is right for you right now in your life, or whether you share it with your mum, auntie, colleague, sister or friend, one thing is for sure: you know a little bit more about how to get more from your hair.

Good nutrition balanced with regular exercise will reward your body, mind and soul as well as your skin and energy levels in so many positive ways none more so than glossy, shiny happy hair!

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