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On average, hair is coarse, fine, or somewhere in between. Trans planted coarse hair covers well but is less manageable. Sometimes it looks less natural because it contrasts too much with the skin. On the other hand, fine hair does not cover the scalp as well, though it gives a natural look because of its low contrast with the skin.

The closer your hair color is to your skin color, the better your scalp coverage will look. Gray, blond, red, and light brown hair tend to look more natural because there is usually less contrast to the skin. Also, if you have black hair and black skin, you’ll get a very natural appearance. On the other hand, black hair and dark brown hair can overly contrast with a lighter complexion and thus produce less pleasing results. Darker hair colors often require more transplant sessions to soften the contrast.

According to Edmond Griffin, M.D., writing in the 1995 issue of Dermatologjic Clitıics: “The best patients for hair replacement are those with Celtic or Irish backgrounds (blond, light brown, and red hair) and graying patients. These patients show the lowest skin to hair contrast and regardless of their other hair charac teristics of wave, caliber and density, show the least grafting difficulties.”

Age is a critical factor. Most surgeons don’t like to perform transplant surgery in men or women under the age of thirty because it’s hard to predict the future course of their balding. If you’re younger than age thirty, you should consider other altematives, such as prescription medications or a hair system, before under going any type of surgery.

By the time you’re in your late thirties or forties, however, it’s easier to teli how extensive your hair loss will be. The ideal candi date for a hair transplant is in her forties or older. Your surgeon should design your transplant to look not only natural now but also when you’re well into your fîfties, sixties, and beyond.

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