The Santorini Mansion 1878

The beautiful and incredibly stunning Mansion 1878 was initially the residence of one of the most powerful families on the island of Santorini. Built in 1878, the traditional two level mansion is located in the heart ofthe picturesque village of Megalochori; Mansion 1878 consists of two spacious self-contained units, tastefully decorated and designed, with handpicked antiques adding character to the residence and a private pool, in case you get bored.

The large cobbled private courtyard, complete with pool and surrounded by potted shrubs and trees, makes you feel like Clint Eastwood is gonna walk up to you any second and ask you if you feel lucky; a stone stairway leads up to the first floor, where large terraces and panoramic views of the village will amaze any guest. The spacious master bedroom is comfortable, bright and airy and seems the perfect place to chill out and forget about everything.

Another staircase leads to a private landing and second large double bedroom, which includes an attractive bathroom with wood and stone features. The Mansion 1878 also features a spacious sleeping area which allows for two double bedrooms with a shared seating and dressing area. The shared extravagant bathroom has a large shower, seating area and large vanity. The mansion promises privacy and comfort, so I guess Clint won’t be bothering you.

The Santorini Mansion 1878 Photo Gallery

The Santorini Mansion 1878_0.jpgThe Santorini Mansion 1878_1.jpgThe Santorini Mansion 1878_5.jpgThe Santorini Mansion 1878_4.jpgThe Santorini Mansion 1878_6.jpgThe Santorini Mansion 1878_2.jpgThe Santorini Mansion 1878_3.jpgThe Santorini Mansion 1878_7.jpg

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