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Country soul with a hint of Van Morrison

When the likes of Darrell Scott, Will Kimbrough and Kenny Vaughan, to name but three, turn out to play on your album you must have something going for you, and Nashville boy Lewis certainly does. His calling card is his voice, which has more than a hint of Van Morrison, replete with soul, slow rich tones and the ability to lay down an easy groove. As a writer he’s not bad either but it’s the voice that keeps you coming back for more. That said, at times the music can be a bit too tasteful and you keep wishing he’d let rip a bit and really show what he’s capable of, but he never does.

There’s still much to enjoy here though. Gabe Dixon’s Wurlitzer and The McCrary Sisters, backing vocals lend a gospel feel to the title track, She’s A Friend just oozes soul and Things Will Never Be The Same lays down a righteous groove. Everything sounds effortless and completely natural, particularly Lewis’s voice, and the results are perfect for a Sunday morning coming down.

The world has lacked a country-soul great since the heyday of the late Jim Ford, and while it far too early to say that Lewis can definitely assume his mantle you can hear both echoes and potential and there is no higher compliment. Jeremy Searle

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