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Drum ‘n’bass ‘n’folk Cool folk with a modern edge from an upcoming name who manages to blurthe boundaries – Brooks is a former schoolboy chorister who has even featured on a recent Basement Jaxx single.

Here we have a deftly produced record that encompasses Brookes’ delicate, intelligent songs with a soundscape of strings, percussion and more. The dark, dreamy feel follows on from Brookes’ debut where producer Chris Hughes (who, apart from working with Paul McCartney, has proved his love of pastoral folk-rock by helping create the classic A VICTORY FOR COMMON SENSE for Stackridge.

This is produced by Greg Freeman, who has been involved with records from Goldfrapp to Mumford And Sons’ BABEL, who plays the drums, synth and bass that envelop Brookes’ soaring voice and acoustic guitar in a pastoral drum ‘n’ bass world. Sometimes the songs are just that, songs, but more often than not they’re coming togethers of voice and music. Sometimes, as on This Is The Place, things are easier to assimilate, with acoustic strumming and touches of banjolele. Throughout, Brookes’ fine voice often sounds as if it is echoing distantly around a cathedral; at other moments one can hear the delicacy of a Joni Mitchell. Imaginative and engaging. Nick Dalton

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