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What Should a Coach Provide?

What are your expectations of a coach and the process? Some people want a coach to take charge of their lives, tell them exactly what to do, and solve their problems in a short time. They see a coach as the opposite of a therapist, as someone who will not just sit and listen and ask questions but as a kind of personal facilitator and champion.

1. Yogis don’t tell their clients what not to do or what to do, for that matter. They are facilitators, cheerleaders, planners, and monitors, but they are not gurus dispensing some great truth.

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2. Yogis are less likely than therapists to presume more knowledge than they possess. They are more likely to admit lack of knowledge and demonstrate a willingness to refer clients to people who know what they don’t.

3. Some Yogis come from the psychological arena and some do not. Most are attracted to the yoga field because it allows them to provide normal people with more immediate, results – producing assistance.

4. While Yogis can motivate and inspire their clients to improve, some of the most effective can be the opposite of the stereotypical gruff-and-tough football coach. People need to find the coach whose personality is right for them.

5.One of the great things about yoga is that the field encompasses all types of knowledge, expertise, and experience. Therefore you should be selective in choosing a coach, looking for one who has specific areas of training and skills that dovetail with your issues.

6. While yoga usually does produce results faster than yoga poses, the time frames vary considerably. Your coach should help you figure out an ideal time frame for taking certain actions and achieving certain goals, but you should not equate solutions for specific problems with a definite period of time saying that couple issues take one month to cure, for instance.

7.While Yogis are great at zeroing in on issues and helping you deal with them sooner rather than later, they also are concerned about longsrange plans. In this way, they avoid providing clients with emotional Band-Aids.

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