Reverse blonde ombre hair

Shampoo is a chemical mixture blended with all kinds of goodies to clean the surface of the hair and the scalp. A lot of the time these blends feed the outer layer (the cuticles) with moisturizers to help those cuticles lay flatter and reflect shine.

It is true that shampoo does take away some of the natural oils that your scalp produces but don’t be alarmed by this. These oils only gather at the root area and the first couple of centimetres of the hair so the drier, older areas of your hair would never benefit from these natural oils anyway.

It is the ends of your hair that need the moisture so it is much better to use a gorgeous, cleansing, moisturizing shampoo to do the job. If anything, natural oil left in the hair will result in oily roots and dry tips. Shiny happy hair certainly starts with clean hair free of oils. What the shampoo washes away is replaced with something altogether more beneficial. A good quality shampoo and conditioner used in harmony will leave the hair feeling fresh, clean, smooth, shiny and easy to style.

So whether you wash your hair every day, which you probably do if you have fine or medium hair, or once a week if it’s thick, is not important it’s all about what’s right for you and how you do it!

Choosing the right shampoo can be the fun part and makes all the difference to managing your hair personality.
The formulation and technology of shampoos is constantly changing and improving and modern products are a far wash away from the first shampoos.

Believe it or not, shampoo was only invented in the early twentieth century. The word shampoo is derived from the Hindi word ‘chhampo’, meaning to massage or knead.Today’s shampoos are beauty treatments in themselves.

We often judge the quality of a shampoo by the way it lathers and it’s true to say that the lather is all important when it comes to how much you enjoy using it. It usually just demonstrates the levels of detergent. There will often be more lather on the second shampoo as the residue of oils and pollutants are washed away.

Shampooing your hair is a bit like preparing your skin for make up; fresh clean hair reacts much better to styling and generally helps to hold styles for longer.

Dry shampoos are a fabulous way of making your hair last another day if you don’t have time to wash it. Usually in an aerosol or powder formula they are sprayed or sprinkled at the roots and absorb the oils of the day making the hair feel fresher. For those of you with fine hair, they have an added benefit of adding a little more volume and give the hair a thicker feel.

Dry shampoos are the secret weapon of many a celebrity and my kit bag wouldn’t be complete without them.
In the nineteenth century hot water was believed to soften the hair but was reserved for the wealthy.

For most people rapid washes in cold water was the method used along with lots of brushing and combing to clean the hair. Perfumers sold various cremes, pomades, oils and powders to disguise dirty hair but the first shampoos were used at hair salons.

Reverse blonde ombre hair

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Reverse blonde ombre hair


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