Relax yourself with Lightning Massage

The principle of self-sustaining lightning is simple: the resumption of energy flow in less than a minute on the whole body.

After swallowing your hands strongly to invite the energy, rub your face, hairy hair and neck in the same motion: the hands are adjacent and go up the nose wings as for the second series, go on their way over the scalp, He goes up from the throat and finishes the cycle.

Perform three passes in this way around the head and continue with the strokes of the arms: the same movement as the 13th knee, three passes. Then combine the hands at the navel level to make three rounds in the clockwise direction (hands one on top of the other) (series 17). Then slide them towards the bottom of the back and rub the waist region three times in the form of a roundabout. To finish, plaster your legs three times (20th place).


What does “centering” mean?

“To be central” means to be in line between the sky and the earth. So to be connected to the energy of the sky and to be fixed to earth energy, or to say “to be in the stars in the stars and to press the feet”.

Human being is double pole like we see in chapter I. It is therefore important that the two poles are connected to the earth. If not, behavior and attitude change. Tasteless, even worrying, shifted “out of the center” with the feeling of “being physically and psychologically with himself”.

If you are already sensitive to this energy zone, then you will have a feeling of “not set” or “not centered”. If necessary, someone will say to you “you do not look comfortable today” or “you really are impatient!” Or you will notice that you always hit the same corner as you pass through a door or a furniture. This comes from the spatial signposts that are very slightly distorted at the same time as the energy balloon.

In general, your bubble will always change in the same way because the comfort that focuses on seeking pleasure and avoiding pain is constantly psychological in relation to the region.

It is important that you are “just shaken” because of the events or the behavior of someone. Then your ideas will be clearer, the shock-related feeling will be weaker and will have less effect on you. You will be able to access your resources more easily to combat this situation. By better controlling this, you will significantly reduce your stress level.

Take an example: you need to talk during an important meeting in your business. If you are not centralized and are afraid to speak in front of the group, your overall attitude and voice will reveal your emotional state. You will not have the verbal fluency and persuasion power necessary to support your sayings. The words will have the risk of colliding in your head without entering the sequence effectively. In this case, you will get the impression that you can not really express what you want to say and forget about half of the ideas …

On the contrary, if you are centered consciously before speaking, your voice, your attitude and your persuasion power will be in harmony with your whole being and will be fully satisfied with the result of speaking.

There is also a need to be careful about the means of transport: the speed of the fast train and the speed of the aircraft have the effect of slightly moving the ball backwards.

The first thing you will do when you feel you are out of the center is to relax. For quick relief, you will find the “relaxation at three points” technique right below. Next, you’ll discover three techniques that will help you re-center your energy.

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