Red highlights in dirty blonde hair

Groomed according to contemporary definitions of chic, more proscriptive about what is and isn’t physically acceptable. Personally speaking, I am proud that I can tolerate even the most invasive and extreme waxing without breaking a sweat. I bear that pain willingly; I am a martyr to hot wax.

THE INTEREST OF UNDER-standing my personal urge to depilate, I decided to let the hair on my legs grow for the first time in 23 years for the first time since that vacation when I was 11. It takes a week to reach the unseemly stage. Two weeks to get properly unpleasant.

Three weeks to physically repulse anyone who sees my legs. It itches. I begin avoiding communal dressing rooms, swimming pools, skirts. I have to be increasingly careful about the kinds of shoes I wear, and where, exactly, my pant hem hits my ankle. I start wearing pajama bottoms to bed, even though they make me too warm at night, because my partner can’t stand the look or feel of my leg Red highlights in dirty blonde hair .

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