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An attractive collection of jointly-penned songs from malefemale duo Mike Seal and Bernie Maguire, competently produced by multi-instrumentalist Nigel Stonier

Red Bird Sky – which comprises songwriters and Americana performers Mike Seal and Bernie Maguire – are increasingly acknowledged as being amongst the UK’s more impressive Americana-style musicians. Their debut album EVERY LESSON IN ITS TURN was favourably received and this follow-up release has many of the same qualities -including some quite powerful songs, full and rich arrangements with top class backing musicians – such as Lindisfarne’s Rod Clements on dobro, mandolin and baritone guitar.

There is a welcome richness, originality and variety in Red Bird Sky’s material and great character in the contrasting vocal styles of Mike Seal and Bernie Maguire whose unusual vibrato delivery is very distinctive.

Overall, this is an album well worth listening to – and it provides yet more evidence of the very real quality of some of the UK’s homegrown Americana-style artists. Nick Dent-Robinson

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