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If you’ll check back, you’ll find that it was through my hair, and a sharp-eyed scalp specialist, that I discovered how my body had bypassed the low-carbohydrate regimen in the first place. When your body needs that protein for its own health use, it really doesn’t care how your locks look. Receding hairline men wavy hair And, if you’ll recall, it was right about then that I wanted a fashionable permanent, and my hairdresser asked me to sign a release just in case my hair all fell out. Receding hairline men wavy hair Well, that ought to give you a pretty clear picture of how my hair looked back then. Limp, lame, unlovely, and certainly not the picture of anything you’d want.

Once I had put the “not-enough-protein” diagnoses together the ones from my trichologist (scalp specialist) and my dermatologist and my general physician and come up with that realization that my diet had to be reversed and fast, I got on with the rebuilding of my once-healthy hair. By the way, one of the very first places to spot protein deprivation is in the hair, so look to that first, and then to your diet.

So, on with the cure and the protein. Receding hairline men wavy hair I marched myself back over to Nicholas at Vidal Sassoon Nicholas, the man who’d refused my perm in the first place and I said, “Okay, baby. You said I had lousy hair; now you fix it.” And he did.

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