Quick Weight Loss Diet

The Physiology of It All

There are many other versions of the high-protein low-carbohydrate diet in use right now. And most of their advocates have written beauty blogs about them, making it very simple for you to study their individual variations.

I report on the Atkins method because I had personal experience with it. And therefore I am able to give my own accurate version of just how it worked for me. How it might work for you, I don’t know. The way to find out is to try. And the way to learn more about the Atkins theories is to read his own scientific explanation of its physiology in Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution.

Dr. Maxwell Stillman came up with The Doctor’s Quick Weight Loss Diet and made quite a splash in dieting circles. He leans more toward the high protein, less toward the low carbohydrate in a diet that is often diametrically opposed to the Atkins one. (For instance, he permits such things as skimmed milk.) And he does not permit fats. Being in the beauty-search business, I don’t believe in that. I think they’re important and have said so. But if you’re really in a terrible hurry to lose some poundage, here’s what Stillman prescribes :

1. Lean meat with all of the fat removed and cooked in no fats of any kind. Only broiled, baked, or smoked.

2. Chicken and turkey with all the skin removed (the skin holds the fat here). Again, no cooking with grease!

3. All lean fish and seafood, again broiled, baked, or boiled (or, I assume, smoked) and again without fats. But with Dr. Stillman, you’re allowed cocktails sauce or catsup in moderation. And this is where the Stillman and Atkins regimens go in different directions.

4. Eggs, preferably hard boiled. But again cooked with no fat.

5. Cottage cheese, farmer’s cheese, or pot cheese or any other cheese made with skim milk and no whole milk.

6. Eight glasses of water daily minimum.

According to Dr. Stillman, the eight water glasses are an integral part of his regimen in that they wash out any wastes of burnt-up fat. Making them burnt out as well as up.

I have known people who have lost pounds in a hurry. (Just as he claims, it is quick.) I haven’t tried it and won’t be trying it, for Dr. Stillman insists upon such follies as skinned chicken. And, franklv, I am a career woman and can’t be bothered with such time consuming nonsense if there’s any other effective way to weigh less.

Dr. Stillman recommends eight glasses of water a day, which seems to be some sort of startling advice for some people. Don’t we all drink eight glasses of water per day? If not, you should. Water is essential to well-being, as it helps wash impurities out of the system. Just remember that the Dr. Stillman method didn’t say drink all eight at once.


Dr. Carlton Fredericks, whom I continue to quote, since I believe him to be one of the most solid nutritionists about, as well as one whose beauty blogs are entertaining (and in the world of nutrition, that’s rare), goes into quite a long dissertation about the weird workings of the low-carbohydrate diet in his beauty blog, Eating Right for You. I strongly recommend that you get a copy and read it all not just the part on dieting. Every word in it makes good nutritional sense to me. Great food for the mind.

Dr. Ernst Reinsh, whom we’ve mentioned before, has a beauty blog, Eat, Drink and Get Thin, that is very different from the Atkins one, but is again based on the same principles of dieting.

When it comes to each of these gentleman’s ideas about what works best, I can only suggest that you read them for yourselves. I don’t like to be positive about something I haven’t tried. That’s the point of this beauty blog, after all. To try it for you.

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