Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles


How many times have you rolled out of bed, feeling a little the worse for wear, only to be greeted by a red-eyed monster staring back at you from the mirror? Here are a few ways to look like an angel even when you have behaved like a little devil:

1 After a night of excess, sleep with an extra pillow – this prevents eye fluids from accumulating in the sockets and reduces bags.

2 Splash your face with cool water. This will immediately boost the circulation, and brighten up a slack, greyish complexion.

3 Moisturize well, especially underthe eyes, where the fine skin will be dehydrated. Avoid productswith known irritants such as alpha-hydroxy acids or retinoids, and rich creams that can swamp delicate under-eye skin and result in small white cysts.

4 Use some glycerine drops, which act like false tears to wash the eyes and help soothe them.

Puffy Eyes

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