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Millie Cosmetics, is an expert at achieving perfect brows and turning bushbabies into super babes.

1 Find the highest part ofyour eyebrow. This is where it should arch. From this point on, it should gradually slope downwards.

Ruby Hammer’s brow-shaping tips

2 Hold a pencil flat along the side ofyour nose. This is where your eyebrow should start. Then move it to the outer corner of your eye – this is where it should end.

3 Do not overpluck. Just a few hairs plucked from under your brow can dramatically change your look. Ifyou are having your brows tweezed professionally, ask ifyou can remain standing-you look different lying down.

4 Always pluck hairs one line at a time from underneath the brow, then stand back and glance at your overall look before plucking another line.

5 Use colour to fill in gaps and create uniformity and texture. Don’t be heavy handed when you apply it.

6 When you dye your hair, remember to match your eyebrows to your new colour. Nothing looks worse than a blonde bombshell with dark eyebrows.

Even the most resolute make-up minimalist wants a great set of eyelashes. Framed by some well-groomed fringing, your eyes look sultry and seductive – without them you risk looking like an albino rabbit. While tinting and perming are good wash-proof ways to attain a perfect pair of flutterers, for those who are happy to settle for what nature gave them, mascara, eyelash curlers, and even nylon falsies and some rubber gum are enough to create luxuriant lashes.

One ofthe most important yet most neglected tools ofthe trade is the eyelash curler. No professional make-up artist or model would be caught without theirs, yet most of us shy away from this medieval-looking instrument of torture. Used carefully it is harmless enough, but always go gently near the eyelid, as clamping down hard on your sensitive skin can prove somewhat painful. As any make-up maven will tell you, once you have mastered the art of squeezing gently along the length of your lashes, you will never go anywhere without a perfectly groomed set of lashes again. Keep the pressure the same along the whole length ofyour lashes, or, rather than a gentle curve, you could end up with a right angle.

Of course, there are products to suit every whim and need, and thanks to technological advancement, you can call upon lengthening, thickening, transparent, darkening, colouring, conditioning and waterproof mascaras from every brand name underthe sun. When applying mascara, there are a few key hints which, properly mastered, will ensure optimum results. Above all, never apply it directly to the roots: always sweep upwards in a gentle curve and comb between the lashes before applying a second coat if you do not want to resemble Spider-Man.

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