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‘I like to use two layers of blusher, with a little translucent powder sandwiched in between.

I find it helps the colour stay put for longer.

I also use a face shaper in a matt brown to minimize chubby cheeks and high foreheads. Choose a shade of powder that is a darker

version ofyour own skin tone, and brush it onto heavy areas to make them recede.’ Maggie Hunt

‘Don’t just apply blusherto the cheeks. A light application of blush to the temples, forehead and chin brings the face together. I find the best way to apply powder blush is to shake or blow off any excess from your blush brush first, then sweep it across all the areas I’ve mentioned.’

Kevyn Aucoin

‘Blush is my favourite thing in the world; if you have the right blush you look younger, fresher, prettier. Older women should add a tawny blush (it looks more natural than corals or reds) to their list of basics. It becomes more important as you mature, because the skin cells don’t turn over so quickly, and the skin doesn’t look as fresh. Sometimes I use two blushers – a neutral one and then a brighter one on top. The darkeryour colouring, the more blush you need.’

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