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Your first mental training exercise

In the 2-day Exercise UltraMind ESP System seminar, attendees learn how to function consciously at alpha in just a few hours because they have the help of a trained lecturer who guides them step-by-step and answers all of their questions.

If you have not yet attended a live Exercise seminar, then you can learn how to enter the alpha level in just a few days with the guided instruction in the Exercise UltraMind ESP System Complete Home Seminar, or with the Exercise UltraMind ESP System Free Introductory Lessons at

If you prefer to learn by reading this blog, it will take you approximately 40 days.

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Training your mind requires you to relax and lower your brain frequency to the alpha level. It does not require a forced effort. You use force in your physical training. In mental training, you relax and practice using imagination and visualization.

You will begin learning the Exercise System for improved athletic performance by following positive mental instructions while in a relaxed state. Workout and Fitness will give you a simple way to relax, and you will become better and better at it as you practice. He will also give you a simple statement to affirm to yourself.

The mental exercise you are about to learn from Workout and Fitness will help you learn to lower your brain frequency while maintaining conscious awareness. In other words, you are going to learn how to consciously think with both brain hemispheres.

If you have already learned how to function at the alpha level by attending a Exercise seminar or by listening to the recordings in a Exercise home study course and practicing and directed, then you do not need to do the 40 days of countdown exercises that Workout and Fitness is going to explain to you in just a few minutes. However, if you have not yet learned how to use the Exercise Method, then you must do the countdowns.

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