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The 5/17/76 data were taken three months after starting the LRI diet on 2/14/76.
* In some of these letters authors refer to the Longevity Research Institute (L.R.I.) or L.R.I. Diet, which are earlier names used in connection with the Pritikin Centers and Diet.
Getting Down to Cases
My cholesterol intake had been somewhat limited for over twenty years (nonfat milk, margarine instead of butter, bacon and eggs for breakfast once a week). I started following the American Heart Association diet sometime in 1970.
In 1971 I stopped smoking and started a daily exercise program on a bicycle exerciser. A jogging program was substituted for the bicycle exerciser on 11/1/73. I am now running three days out of every four and taking a one-hour brisk walk on the fourth day. Needless to say, I am still following the LRI diet enthusiastically.
Ernest W. Pierce
Rolling Hills Estates, California
August 30, 1976

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