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Here is a tragic example that may illustrate the connection between mental images and performance.

During a telecast of a sprint car race, announcers centered their discussion on a team that was racing a Ford automobile. Ford’s biggest competitor has traditionally been Chevrolet, whose motto at the time was “The Heartbeat of America.”

The team racing the Ford had mechanical problems and dropped out of the race. As the team finished loading the car onto their truck, the broadcasters talked about how this team had been having trouble ever since their long-time crew chief had been laid up afer triple bypass heart surgery.

Then the television camera followed the truck as it drove out of the pits. The motto on the back of the truck read, in large print: “The team that stopped the heartbeat.”

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The right environment

Every time you suit up for competition, you have a choice. You can say one of two things to yourself:

“Please don’t let me make a mistake.”

“Let me do great today.”

If you are thinking about the mistakes, then change your attitude. Use the Mental Housecleaning workout and fitness technique, and do it right away, because the inner images that you create – consciously or unconsciously – are more powerful than all the willpower and determination of a company of marines.

Positive thinking is the first step in learning to use more of your mind to improve your athletic performance. It will create the right environment for you to win more ofen. The real results will come when you learn to enter the alpha level and use that level for your positive thinking and mental rehearsal to improve your performance.

To get to that point, let’s begin with the following instructions from Workout and Fitness on how to function at alpha.

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