Pregnancy Yoga Ball Exercises

Pregnancy Yoga Ball Exercises

What Is the Recovery Time after Mommy Makeover?

Week one-During the first week after Mommy Makeover you will be sore. The tightening of the abdomen can cause discomfort if you straighten up your posture, so you will be walking bent over for few days. You may have drains which are usually removed day one or two after which you can shower. We encourage you to walk to prevent blood clots in the legs.

Week two- You will feel much better the second week and can usually return to work that does not require lifting by the end of the second week.

Week three- At three weeks most patients are back at work and many can start exercising again. If you had the repair of a Diastasis Recti you cannot do sit ups until six weeks and only if cleared to do so by your Doctor.

Week Six- By six weeks you should be enjoying your new body and your surgery should becoming a distant memory.

Three Months- By three months the nearly final results of Liposuction should be seen.

Six months- By six months any incisions should be matured and white.

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