Practical Wavy Hair Styles?

How can we make waves in short time?

The best element for me to give a wave to your hair in a short time is the best for me. I can give the waves with the wires and the waves with the fingers. After the hair is wiped off, the hair should be long in thick tufts. For this method we have thick fingers and we bend our hair lightly. We need to pay attention very carefully in order not to break the legs. We must not ignite the elimination too. We can get very nice waves if we keep our hair by keeping it in a few minutes. But in order to prevent the waves from falling down, Need to support.

After we have dried our hair and wiped it in thick sticks, we need to remove my sword and attach it with the help of a pair of pliers or a buckle so that we can hold it more while the hair is cold. If it is cold and hot, our hair will fall shortly and our ripples will quickly deteriorate. The hair is cooled in a wavy manner.

We open our hair as a result of cooling our hair and we get the waves we want in our hair. After we open the blades, we open our hair with our fingers to clarify our waves. If there are some problems like electricity in our hair hair, we can get the clarification of the waves by passing over our hair.

By using the tongs in this way, it is possible to give a rope of any length between 5 and 10 minutes, and our waves will last for a long time.

Practical Wavy Hair Styles? Photo Gallery

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