Postdrome Phase Migraine

The manifestations of migraine might persist for few days after the headache ends; this is described as the migraine postdrome. Numerous people report a swelling feeling in the region where the migraine was, and some declare weak thinking for some days after the headache has disappeared. The patient might feel exhausted or “hangover” and have pain in the head, intellectual difficulties, gastrointestinal manifestations, emotional state changes, and weakness.

Migraine was considered before to be caused mainly by constriction and expansion of blood vessels inside and all over the brain. But latest studies stipulate that migraine is produced by variations in brain chemicals and atypical electrical activity in certain brain areas. Specialized brain screenings of patients suffering of migraine attacks show undulations of unusual activity that expands across the exterior of the brain (the cortex) and irritation of nerve centers profound within the brain. Recent investigations have focused on therapies that work not by narrowing blood vessels, but more precisely by reducing the models of unusual brain cell activity that is considered to underlie migraine.

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What initiates this chain of incidents? Migraine can appear without reason. Also, it can be initiated by some conditions. These include:

– Psychological determinants, especially stress

– For women, hormonal determinants/changes

– Specific types of foods

– Medications you might be taking

– Physical events (like a concussion to the head)

– Environmental causes

Only one trigger by itself might not cause a migraine. But when more than 2 triggers appear at the same time it may cause a migraine.

Most headache scientists now believe that genetics plays an important role in who is susceptible to get migraines and who isn’t. In some researches, at least 60% of people who had migraines announced having close members of family generally a mother with the same issue. But the migraines probably won’t be induced by the same triggers that cause the family members’ headaches.

Even though it’s impossible to prevent all causes every time, it may be likely to avoid those causes that induce your migraines. Every person has a distinct set of triggers. As you discover and record your migraines, you’ll be capable to determine what triggers them

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