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Going for the chop

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she wonders whether she should bite the bullet and cut off those long tresses (more about this in the anti ageing chapter).Taking 10 years or more off with a snip here and a snip there is what I do best! I truly believe that you should only cut your hair short if it’s really what you want to do for many people hair is powerful (remember Samson and Delilah?).

Having long hair makes a lot of women feel younger, sexier and more attractive. Hair can be used as a tool of adornment, of provocation and as a sign of vitality. Vitality is a big word for me when I’m consulting women about their hair. If hair looks tired, is hanging down like a pair of old curtains from a centre parting and has no style then it can be terribly ageing. But longer hair that is full of life and well styled can be very youthful.

Before you commit to a fringe or a new cut (the one everyone will admire from afar with envy and say through gritted teeth how amazing you look), think about your face shape and what will suit it. Try this simple trick:
• Tie back your hair and stand in front of the mirror.

• Take a lipstick in your writing hand (perhaps not your favourite Chanel number) and trace the outline of your face onto the mirror.

• Draw the outline of your head and neck and hey presto your face shape is revealed.

If you have what’s best described as an oval face shape you have what’s known in the beauty world as the perfect face shape and you can cut and style your hair in almost any way you choose (although the texture of your hair will need to be considered as well). Don’t despair if
you don’t fall into this category few women
do but with some simple rules they can all look equally stunning.

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