Posh spice hair cuts


6 drops palmarosa essential oil

3 drop rose geranium essential oil 1 drop ylang ylang essential oil 1 tablespoon vodka 1 tablespoon grapeseed or jojoba oil Directions:

1. Using a funnel, pour the alcohol and carrier oil into a 2oz dark glass bottle.

2. Drop in all the essential oils.

3. Cover the bottle then shake it to mix well.

4. Keep the bottle in a cool and dark place for 7-10 days to cure. Shake it several times daily.

5. Apply to pulse points on the sternum, wrist, base of the neck and behind the knees.

Posh spice hair cuts Photo Gallery

Posh spice hair cuts_1.jpgPosh spice hair cuts_0.jpgPosh spice hair cuts_5.jpgPosh spice hair cuts_3.jpgPosh spice hair cuts_6.jpgPosh spice hair cuts_4.jpgPosh spice hair cuts_2.jpgPosh spice hair cuts_7.jpgIt was hot, strong piss that burned a bit and tasted sour at first, but then it was just a spurt, not even a mouthful. I kept sucking on the hard cock, kept the head of the dick in my mouth, sucking more gently and hoping there was more piss to follow. then some cum, too, eventually. Finally, the man took his hands out of his pockets. He shuffled his feet a little further apart and thrust his crotch against my face. Then he caught my head in his hands and held it still. I stopped trying to move my head, stopped sucking and just held still where he positioned me.

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