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It happens so rarely and we weren’t used to seeing her lose. But Serena is never really conquered she merely shifts gears. She’s never in competition with any opponent on any tour, nor is she chasing Steffi Graff’s 22 win Grand Slam record. (She’s a hair behind with 21 wins.) Serena is the ultimate warrior woman battling and beating all odds to exist. It’s the will within her spirit that hates defeat. In 20 years of playing tennis, Serena met every amplified idea of prejudice, sexism and overall criticism flung over the net and slammed it back undeterred with 120-128 mph serves. Serena wasn’t even supposed to be here; the sport of tennis never expected the No. 1 ranked, greatest of all time (G.O.A.T.), champion of our generation for the past two decades to be a 34-year old Black woman from Palm Beach Garden, Florida by way of Compton, California. But she is and she’s still here. This should come as no surprise. Serena, like her champion sister Venus before her, is the product of a spiritually centered, close-knit family steeped in old school traditions.

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