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Dramatically increased hair growth on the animals’ frontal scalps.

There are fifteen or more other similar antibaldness agents currently under investigation throughout the world.

As I noted in Chapter Three, women have six times more follicleprotecting aromatase in their frontal scalp skin than men do. Aromatase is an enzyme that converts some testosterone and DHT into estrogen. Estrogen opposes the effects of testosterone and thus may help promote hair growth. Currently aromatase is being investigated as an antiandrogen to treat androgenetic alopecia.

Beta Catenin
Researchers at the University of Chicago’s Howard Hughes Çenter have discovered a protein called beta catenin that converts normal skin cells into hair follicles. A messenger molecule containing this protein was inserted into the skin cells of mice, and the cells transformed into hair follicle cells. With this discovery, it looks like new hair follicles can be regenerated, thus raising the possibility of a cure for baldness.

There is stili much work to be done with animals before testing the protein on humans, especially since beta catenin led to a high incidence of hair follicle tumors. Scientists need to figüre out how this protein is regulated inside the celi of the developing hair follicle before pursuing human studies.

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