How Poker Players Enjoy The Best of Both Worlds

Poker players can be split into two distinct categories, with some playing exclusively over the Internet, while others prefer the adrenaline rush of live tournaments. There are of course professionals and dedicated players who do this for a living and they have both the time and energy to play both online and participate in events held in brick-and-mortar casinos. Their entire schedule revolves around the main events of the year, with the online gambling routine being more or less a day job.

Playing from the comfort of their home is hardly a problem and even those who compete at nosebleed limits feel well within their comfort zone. Depending on the events they consider to be worth attending, some choose to participate only in tournaments that are conveniently located in their own country, while others fly thousands of miles to remote destinations.

Arranging the proper accommodation and making sure that all the flights are connected so that they don’t miss the start of any tournament is not as easy as it might sound! Those who travel frequently can surely relate to the struggles of poker professionals, but luckily for them there are plenty of websites that meet them halfway. Global travel search sites compare the prices of flights, hotels and car hires around the world, to provide prospective customers with the best service possible.

This greatly simplifies the mission of those who can’t afford to be late to major tournaments and also keeps the expenses at a reasonable level. Unlike regular tourists, who save money for a yearly vacation, poker players are constantly on the move and at the end of the year, the corresponding expenses can go through the roof. Keeping them in check and finding ways of reducing the costs without cutting down on quality is every bit as important as being on time for the start of the main events.

Seeing The Glass As Half Full

It would be excessive to feel sorry for poker players and the obstacles they need to overcome to be always on time without stretching their budgets. Finishing in the money in a prominent tournament can result in a prize that completely offsets all travel related expenses. Furthermore, some poker tournaments have stops in some of the most beautiful cities in the world, so those who participate compete for a lot of money while also visiting exquisite places.

The European Poker Tour includes such memorable places and each city has its charm, so prospective players have good reasons to travel with the tour around the continent (the entire thing is 20 thousand miles round trip!). This season, it started in August in Barcelona – one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – and it concludes in April in Monaco, a city famous for high-stakes gambling. In between, poker players will visit London, Malta, Prague and at the beginning of each year they stop for a couple of days at Deauville.

This is by far the smallest city hosting an EPT event, but also one of the most beautiful and conveniently located on the Normandy coast. History buffs will spend plenty of time visiting the sites where D-Day events unfolded, and if they also share a passion for poker, then this is probably the best of all the European Poker Tour stops. The vast majority of those who travel here book a flight to Paris and then take the high-speed train or rent a car and drive to Casino Barriere.

The gracious host of the EPT Deauville is a luxurious casino where all players feel like high rollers and are encouraged to give their best at the poker tables. Private transfers can be arranged from the airport to the hotel and these establishments are more than happy to accommodate poker players and regular tourists alike. Those who have no interest in playing poker but contemplate the possibility of traveling here are advised to avoid the two weeks of January, when the tour stops here.

During this time of the year, the town is quite crowded and the prices tend to go up as the demand for quality hotels goes sky-high. Spending a lot of time outdoors is not the best thing to do due to harsh weather, which is something to keep in mind if you haven’t been to northern France in winter. On the other hand, poker players probably wouldn’t mind leaving the comfy and warm premises of the local casino for a short while to unwind, despite the cold weather and strong winds.

Share Your Experiences and Hear Others Out

Travel blogs and online guides are abundant and their popularity is justified by the usefulness of these websites dedicated to tourists. It is far easier to believe someone who has traveled to a particular city and shares his or her experience while also providing pictures, than a hotel presentation. The latter has good reasons to exaggerate in an attempt of selling a service or product, while fellow tourists are more inclined to highlight both the advantages and shortcomings.

When making preparations to travel, tourists shouldn’t hesitate to walk down the less traveled paths instead of going mainstream. Even small cities such as Deauville hide gems that are worth discovering and come to life when least expected. Being on site when an event of the magnitude of the EPT is in full swing will help you discover the unseen face of the city. On the other hand, the costs are significantly higher, so only when you have accurate information it is possible to make an educated decision.

For poker players, the decision is greatly simplified by the fact that the schedule of the main events is fairly restrictive and they barely have the time to participate in all key tournaments. This doesn’t mean that they should forsake the possibility of combining entertainment with what is supposed to be a lucrative job and take advantage of every chance they have to broaden their horizons. Online travel guides come in handy and with many websites having dedicated apps, tourists now have information readily available at their fingertips. All in all, traveling the poker circuit is a great way to see the world and also possibly finance your trip along the way.

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