Platinum highlights on blonde hair

That’s right hair is sex! Feeling sexy is all about having good hair. Sounds like a very provocative statement but let me explain and I know you’ll agree with me and soon see all the telltale signs. I recently attended one of those speed dating affairs, purely in the pursuit of research for this book, and saw all the visual indications of hair and its sexual allure within the space of a few minutes of being there!

Think about it for a minute, how many times do you touch or check your hair in the mirror?

If it’s once I guarantee it’s a hundred times more than that! Set yourself a challenge tomorrow and count the times you’ll be amazed.

It’s like a natural instinct and psychotherapists, scientists and body language experts have proved time and time again that it is part of mating, courting and preparing for sex!

We spend more personal care time on our hair than any other aspect of our appearance. The way our hair feels and looks affects our mood, confidence and our sexual interest.

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