Platinum hair color is probably the most remarkable hair color of all times. If you want to dye your hair platinum, you should be ready to see all eyes on you. Before you change your hair color to platinum, you should make sure that it will suit you well.  It advisable that you try platinum wigs first.

How To Get Platinum Hair

First thing is first; Do not try this at home! It is a two step and long process which will probably cause lots of damage in your hair. You should consult to a good hair stylist for this process. If you hair is already damaged, probably it wont be able to withstand bleaching.

Who Can Pull Of  Platnium Hair

Skin color is very important for trying out this hair color. If you can tan easily, probably this hair wont look very good on you. Paler skin works better with this hair color.

Secondly, natural blondes are very luck when it comes to platinum hair color. Hair color tends to get dark with aging process but if you were blonde as a child, platinum hair will suit you now.


After you dye your hair, please keep in mind that platinum hair will be high maintenance for you. You should dye your hair every 3-4 weeks to avoid tacky look. You should also take good care of your hair since it might get weak during whole coloring and recoloring process. In another words, be ready to spend lots off time at hair salon.




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