Pixie Haircut

No doubt, it is the most popular hairstyle of 2014. Stars like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Michelle Williams chopped their off into cute pixies and they looked great. It is a hairstyle that emphasizes a beautiful face the most but it is not for everyone.

When it comes to pixie haircut face shape is very important. ıt looks best on women with hearth shaped faces or oval faces. Yet, women with round faces can wear longer pixie haircuts, which is longer on the top. Women with long faces wont look as with pixie haircut without a shadow of doubt.

Face shape isn’t the only thing that determines whether pixie haircut will work on you or not. It works best on women with long, elegant necks. Also ıf you are overweight and have a small head, this cut is not suitable for you either.

Thin petite women will look great with this haircut. It will accentuate their sweetness. But tall yet thin people can pull of this look as well.

Facial features and bone structures are also very important for a pixie haircut. Women with boyish features will actually look like a boy if they cut their hair pixie. But women with sweet feminine features will look much better.

Pixie Haircut 

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