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Hair colour does have an undeserved bad reputation. The misconception is that using hair colour is damaging or bad because it’s fake. There is a pressure on all of us to retain our youthful beauty. A youthful appearance implies vitality, optimism and even sex appeal but beware, youthfulness can also work the other way since youth can imply a lack of experience or authority.

Nonetheless ageing is something most of us fight and try to disguise. 10 Years Younger, the makeover show on which I appear as the resident hair expert, shows us week after week that letting yourself go and stopping taking care of your appearance really does pile on the years. Radical surgery, new clothes and make up can work wonders but it’s the hair that really does make the biggest impression.

Colouring hair is one of the easiest ways to fight back the years and can give a great boost to one’s self esteem.
cosmetic, artificial hair colour can better what nature intended for you!

Hair colour

It is estimated that almost 70 percent of women in the UK colour their hair at some stage of their lives. The figure for men is nearer 10 percent but as many men are closet colourers the true figures are unknown.The benefits of colouring your hair far outweigh any physical damage to the hair or the time spent on it.

There have been huge improvements to hair colour formulations over the decades and with safety being constantly monitored and patented technologies appearing all the time, colouring hair is safe to use as part of your beauty regime.

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