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You are what you eat and drink

Water is the essence of life

Water is the very essence of life.

You can live for a long time without food (protest hunger strikers have survived for over 10 weeks without anything to eat), but no-one can survive more than a few days without water.

Water serves many purposes for us. Your body uses water for moving the necessary nutrients to the places in your body that need them, and removes waste material from your body as well. It also helps the various organs in your body communicate with one another by providing a medium through which they can send electrical impulses to one another.

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Here’s a very important fact. A 5% reduction in bodily hydration will equate to a 20% fall in usable energy levels, which if you are exercising is a very serious consideration!

Water has zero calories, and as long as the water that you are drinking is alkaline water, it helps to offset the natural acidity of your body too.

The final factor about water is that when you drink it, it fills you up.

This might sound simplistic, but you should pay a great deal of attention to this because when your stomach feels full, you don’t want to eat.

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