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The net result is that nothing gets digested, and at some point, your bodily system simply gives up.

Instead of eating protein and carbohydrate rich foodstuffs in the same meal, eat them at different times in different meals.

Also, because vegetables can be digested by either acids or alkalis, ‘bulk up’ each meal with vegetables, as detailed in the next chapter.

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With these steps, you will help your digestive system to become more effective, and we have already seen that the less time food spends in your digestive tract, the fewer calories come from it and therefore the less fat you will accumulate.

The importance of vegetables

It’s an unfortunate fact that the majority of us have a very dim (and unhealthy) view of vegetables, which is a shame because if you are trying to lose weight by shedding fat, the more vegetables you can include in your diet, the more effective you will be.

The fact is that vegetables are very high in nutrients and minerals, whereas they are very light in saturated fats and sugars, exactly the kind of things that you do not want to take in when you’re trying to get rid of an excess of bodily fat.

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