Pilates Exercises For Pregnancy

Now, I’m not suggesting that you adopt the walking style of an Olympic race walker, but you should appreciate that in the early days when you first start exercising, you are mechanically awkward. Consequently, you will burn more fat calories because you are fighting your inefficiency and exercising at the same time. It follows that the more you exercise the more efficient you will become and therefore the fewer calories you will burn.

I know that sounds a little unfair, but that is just the way it is.

In a similar way, you have already seen that the bigger you are, the more calories you are going to burn.

It is therefore logical that as you lose the unwanted pounds and your weight starts to fall, you will again use fewer calories while exercising than you did at the beginning.

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There is nothing that you can do about this, because it is something that happens which is unavoidable.

Another aspect of adopting an exercise program for the first time is realizing that it makes a difference to your life in many ways. For example, if you spend an hour or two in the gym every day, it is logical that you will be fairly exhausted. It would be no surprise if you found that you needed an afternoon nap, something that you had previously never considered.

During the time that you are sleeping, you are burning off the minimum number of calories, so to a certain extent, this will offset the benefits of the rigorous exercise that you have just undertaken.

If you put yourself through such a strenuous, vigorous exercise regime, it will probably increase your appetite too. It is not unknown for people who decide to exercise so vigorously to put on weight rather than lose it, because they are building muscle mass at the same time as eating far more than they were previously.

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