Pilates Exercises For Beginners At Home

Pilates Exercises For Beginners At Home

Home remedy to reduce tummy after cesarian delivery

Everybody knows pregnancy and delivery can be a stressful time for the mother, especially if she has had a c-section. The body needs time to heal and recovery can get delayed due to complications such as wound infections, back aches or body swelling.

You have to remember that the body took good nine months to gain all that weight, so being patient and going slow is the key to post pregnancy weight loss. Alot of mothers develop that post c-section stomach pouch which can be extremely irritating, so remember you are not alone. How to reduce tummy after cesarean delivery home remedies, well, here are 5 effective ways to do just that while sitting in the comfort of your home.

Breast Feeding

The first and earliest way to start losing that extra belly fat is breast feeding. Nursing will not only help you in establishing a bond with your baby but it burns lot of extra calories, almost 850 Kcal per day to be exact. Breast feeding also causes the release of hormone Oxytocin that helps contract the uterus and reduces post-delivery bleeding. On the other hand, you have to be mindful that breast feeding will make you hungrier. And a hungry, sleep-deprived mom will look to satisfy her cravings by snacking most of the time, which brings us to our next point.

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Snack Right

First, let’s clear the misconception that pregnant and nursing mothers need to eat for two people. That’s not true. The body only needs 300-500 extra calories during and after pregnancy to maintain its function properly. Which means adding a cup of whole milk, an egg, a fruit or a slice of bread in your diet is sufficient enough for your body as well as your baby. Chose foods that are rich in nutrients and low in calories and fat. The fact is that if you did not gain too much weight during pregnancy, you will not have to worry about losing lot of weight after delivery. But it’s never too late and you can change your diet now. nutritionLet’s face it. Snack smart, snack right. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet instead of cookies and cakes. Drink milk instead of having an ice cream. Have lots of water. It’s scientifically proven that most of the time people eat when they are actually thirsty. So don’t let your body fool you into eating more than you must. Don’t worry about having to run to the bathroom every other second. That’s a good thing. It flushes your kidneys and decreases body swelling, hence body weight. Lowering salt intake will also aid in lowering body swelling. Fish, lean meat, chicken and beans are foods low in fat and high in protein and fiber. They will keep you feeling full for much longer, which could well be the answer to how to reduce weight after delivery.

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