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Other important exercise considerations.

One thing that is often noticeable with people who have not been exercising on a regular basis, is that they are mechanically inefficient. Even with walking, if you have not been walking in any serious way in the recent past, the chances are that your walking ‘style’ and pattern is likely to be inefficient at first. Injuries and other physical damage are far more likely to happen in these early days, hence not trying to do too much, too soon.

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Here is the most interesting thing about being mechanically inefficient in this way. Because you are expending energy on both the exercise that you are attempting to do and on making sure you do it properly, you will in fact burn more calories in these early days than you will later once you have acquired mechanical efficiency.

To get some idea of what I mean by mechanical efficiency, think of Olympic race walkers. Could you seriously consider walking 50 km at the speed that these people go at?

An Olympic 50 km race walking champion can do it because they are mechanically efficient. Despite the fact that they probably look slightly absurd to the untrained eye, with their hips swiveling, arms pumping and walking at a speed that falls marginally short of a jog, it’s amazing to think that these people really do know what they are doing.

They do, because otherwise they would not be able to walk the distances they cover at the speeds that they achieve and maintain.

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