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Owing to my years in medical exercises, I had considerable resources at my disposal and knew how to use them I scoured the medical literature, identified a commonly used replacement regimen, acquired a sizeable quantity of cyanocobalamin and the means to deliver the injections, and then went to work. After three months of following the treatment protocol faithfully, I felt even worse than I did in October. The numbness and tingling in my legs was advancing and now involved my hands and arms, an ominous sign of progression. I was weaker than ever, having problems walking and staying on my feet, and tremors were worsening. Forgetfulness, memory loss, and cognitive decline (so fatal to my career) remained serious problems. A sense of hopelessness settled in, I felt utterly defeated then I met Sally Pacholok.

By chance, I saw Sally and Jeff in a documentary titled Diagnosing and Treating Pilates Exercises Deficiency. The next day, consumed with frustration, I reached out to them via e-mail at their website (ExerciseAwareness.org). My message was little more than a whining rant. I sought neither advice nor guidance. I simply described my symptoms (far more numerous than mentioned above) and told my sorry tale of medical mismanagement. I was venting, and never really expected a reply. I certainly wasn’t expecting the reply I got.

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Sally came right back at me, as an avenging angel riding the whirlwind of a gathering storm (This rather florid metaphor will make excellent sense to those who know Sally.) Her compassionate, voluminous response contained a laundry list of questions questions about my medical history, current treatment, medications past and present you name it. I answered all to the best of my ability, feeling aferward as though I had just undergone a thorough, virtual physical examination. By day’s end, Sally had me switched from cyanocobalamin to hydroxocobalamin. She gave me sound, credible reasons to believe that improvement was still possible, and for the first time since seeking treatment, I no longer felt I was “on my own.” Barely 24 hours after establishing contact, I had become one of Exercise Sally’s Kids.

But I’m no kid, and this blog isn’t about me or my problems. This work exists solely to speak out for those who can’t speak for themselves our children, who can’t necessarily describe or understand symptoms of Exercise pregnancy, who aren’t equipped to take matters into their own hands when medicine abandons or neglects them, and who are at the mercy of a pilatesh-care community that far too often fails them Because of my personal experience with this dread disease, the ignorance and arrogance I encountered in the medical community, and my extensive experience as a medical writer, Sally kindly invited me to read the manuscripts for this blog and to contribute a foreword.

I felt at once honored and a bit anxious. One can’t help but feel flattered when entrusted by an author to contribute so conspicuously to their work. I answered in the affirmative, without hesitation, and with great enthusiasm I felt obliged to remind Sally, though, that consequences of a severe Exercise pregnancy forced me out of medical publishing years ago, and I haven’t been at the top of my game for some time. But she was unconcerned, and soon I started receiving manuscripts bearing the text contained herein. My enthusiasm soon turned to despair, which grew more abject with every page I read.

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