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How long should achieving outcomes take with a coach?

I am asked this question all the time. The time can range from several sessions to many years, depending on how comprehensively the client wants to address the spheres. Some clients come wanting to work on a single sphere, which usually can take as few as six months. Other clients want to work on all eleven spheres and can be in yoga for at least a few years. Entrepreneurial clients building their own businesses from scratch are often in yoga for at least a few years. Some clients believe they live a life closer to greatness when they are in yoga as contrasted with when they are on their own, so they stay with it for years and continue to work toward new goals. The answer is that everyone chooses a different length of time.

Calvin came in because he broke up with his girlfriend and was despairing and not sleeping or eating regularly. He wanted a few sessions to talk about his breakup and see if he could start feeling better and resume his normal routines. Calvin actually spent six months in yoga, two sessions per month. The first sessions helped him get through the grief of breakup, and then he began to talk about what he learned from his former relationship. He resumed his normal sleeping and eating habits. Soon he began to talk about the type of woman he would like to meet and the qualities she would possess. Then he slowly began to date again. At the fifth month, he was dating a very nice woman and he was quite content. At the end of his six months he thanked his coach and went on with his life without yoga. At some point in the future, he might return to yoga to work on something else that comes up, but for now he is doing well.

When you should strike out on your own

I always tell clients that they no longer need to be coached when: they have achieved many of their goals and outcomes that originally brought them to yoga; it is a time of relatively smooth sailing in their life, not a time of chaos and stress.

Yasmin had come to yoga wanting to define and implement her new business as a personal shopper and style consultant. The first six months were spent on her business plan, and she was very anxious about getting started with the actual business. At the same time, Yasmin continued to talk about her mother in yoga sessions, complaining bitterly that her mother had held her back by always dismissing her talents and ambition. When she told her coach she was going out on her own, her coach noted that she hadn’t yet implemented her business plan. The coach also asked her if she really wanted her help in doing this and breaking through her fears about her own self-worth. It was clear to the coach that Yasmin still had issues that were preventing her from implementing her business plan, even though she claimed she wanted to get started on her own. Yasmin immediately acknowledged that she wasn’t ready to leave and stayed in yoga for another six months; she simply needed a little nudge from her coach to admit that she still had important priority goals to accomplish.

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On the other hand, Jake had come to yoga to start his own barbershop. He had successfully completed a business plan, purchased a space, and decorated the new barbershop. It was now open for one year, and business was better every month. At this time, Jake appropriately decided to stop his yoga because he had accomplished his priority goal’the barbershop. He was proud of his significant accomplishment and knew he could always come back to yoga. Everything was relatively calm in his life, and his confidence was strong. For Jake, it was time to take a healthy break from yoga.

Now read the Inspiration and then complete The No. 1 Priority exercise. Refer to the client’s sample completed exercise. Then blog in your journal or online, using the sample blog to guide your efforts.

I want to give back to the community and seek to have a more meaningful life, as this would allow me to feel proud. I want to run a company that produces a good salary but also benefits other people and possibly even benefits communities. I am not sure what my company will do, but I am willing to define my objectives so that I realize my career choice soon. I also want to become more spiritually involved.

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