Pictures of short asymmetrical hairstyles

ROUND Soft ruffled layers on top that add height and length to the face are perfect for this face shape.Try wearing your hair sleek through the sides. A short pretty textured fringe is a winner.

OBLONG Adding width through the sides combined with a brow length fringe will reduce the length of the face. Worn full and bouncy is the way to go. Bobs get top marks too just don’t wear them flat to the face.

SQUARE Side swept flirty fringes and feathered layers can reduce the angular shape of a square face. If the face shape is squat add a few soft textured layers on the top for a little lift that will lengthen the face.

TRIANGLE These face shapes fall into one of two categories: narrow and slim at the top of the head or slim at the jaw.

For those with narrow on the top it’s all about getting some fullness up there, so longer sweepy fringes and layers work brilliantly. For those girls with narrow jawlines opt for bobs and mid length styles that have fullness around the jaw or neckline.

I often have to stop mvself from telling complete strangers on the street how great they’d ^ook if only they did this or that.

There are a million and one observations that I make when cutting the perfect fabulous cut and I often have to stop myself from telling complete strangers on the street how great they’d look if only they did this or that to their hair. Call it my desire to beautify! I take into account the hair texture and the face shape but there are so many other things to consider as well. The right haircut can make you look taller, slimmer and indeed younger! Who needs surgery? We all know good hair makes all the difference.

The best advice I can give is to shop around salons for free consultations to see if a new stylist gets what you are about and the style statement you want to make. You need to be sure that they are true designers who talk to you about your features (good and bad) and explain how they can help you make the most of what Mother Nature gave you so you can walk out of that salon with shiny happy hair.

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