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It also ended my general-physician-dictated dieting. Not general-physician-supervised, you understand. I’ve said it before and I’m going to keep on saying it. If you’re on any sort of weight-off diet, stay in close touch with your physician. Any diet at all that veers from just plain old eating, no matter how well planned it may be, could, by some fluke, affect your general health. It’s up to your doctor to see that it doesn’t. It’s up to you to diet intelligently, following the ground rules we give you, and to check in with him as often as possible.
My history of dieting with doctors is the reason I believe so positively in the importance, to this overweight culture, of diet specialists. With obesity and its resultant cardiovascular problems on record as the number one killer in this country today, doesn’t that disease obesity deserve a medical branch all its own? Call it “obesology” whatever. But let’s have it.

Because losing weight is individual, watching over diets is time-consuming, and very few general physicians have either the knowledge or the time to undertake such diet-prescribing. Just as Dr. Solomon tells us, no two individuals have identical body chemistries. And, even when you and a diet specialist think you have it down pat, your chemistry can change. Not only can, but often does. (Mine did, as you will see.)
So not even diet specialists are infallible on body chemistry. For it seems to keep outwitting the entire medical profession. But at least diet specialists spend time and research on obesity alone. Let’s hope they will come up with all the metabolic answers soon.

There are those, of course, and they are “sickies,” who go on dieting until they die. They need psychiatrists. I have nothing to say on that subject because I can only assume that the readers of this beauty blog are intelligent about such matters. If a person really wants to diet himself to death, there is very little any author can do to discourage him . . . or her. Except to continue to insist that those regular medical checkups be maintained throughout any diet. Your own doctor will soon notice it if you are starving.

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