Perm Hairstyles 2015

Although perm sounds like a little bit outdated term, still so many straight haired people go for it for extra curls and volume. You can do perm at home, but it will be better idea to go to a salon since perm chemicals can damage your hair due to wrong usage.

If you go to a salon, you also can clearly discuss with your hairstylist about what kind of perm you want. If you want small, tight curls you can ask your hairstylist to perm your hair with small rollers and if you want larger, bouncy curls you can ask your hairstylist to use larger rollers.

Should I get a perm?

If you want to add curls to your hair and spice up your look, you should seriously consider it. However, if your hair is already damaged, bleached and thinned, perming you hair can lead to horrible results. Perming is a process that already cause damage in your hair. So avoid perm if your hair is already processed.

Types of perm

Acid perm: If your hair is already treated, Then it needs a gentler touch while perming. This type of a perm takes little more time to do but it causes less hair damage. Since it is not as strong as other types of perm result of this process will be more relaxed and loose curls.

Alkaline perm: If your hair is very thick and coarse which tends to resist hair styling, then you should go for alkaline perm. Result of this perm will be tight and springy curls.

Perm Hairstyles 2015

Perm Hairstyles 2015 Photo Gallery

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