Perfect Weight Loss Method

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In a small bowl or double heater, heat the oil and glycerin to a temperature sufficient to melt. Lower from the fire and mix the benzoin tincture and essential oil. Leave for a little cooling, then start to rinse until it is cold, dark and creamy. Save it. Use about 2 teaspoons for each application. If the product is consumed within 30 days it works very well; Otherwise you should keep it in the fridge.

A burger falls on every diet or meal program. How do you make a burger attractive to you?

One of Hollywood’s famous nutritionists recommends customers to mix the burger meat with the plum.

Erik reduces the fat in the burger meat by 40% and you feel more saturated. Mix five small plums and half a pound of meat in the grinder. You will not notice the tastes that you can use to eat any kind of meat.

Now we have the turkey burger problem. It seems to be a healthier choice, but contrary to meat there is much less moisture in the poultry meat.

This means that when you put turkey or chicken into the grill, it will dry much faster and cause the formation of heterocyclic amines. They cause fatigue, joint aches and even cancer.

If you prefer poultry in a burger, eat with a cabbage salad. In cabbage there are natural indoles that increase the toxin-releasing enzymes in the liver and reduce the absorption of heterocyclic amine.

YKM: In the meantime, throw your burger on your fire for a moment. Heat burns candy on bread.

We do not want to break you, but you are breaking very fast. Studies have shown that you get less than 58 calories per meal (at a pace three times faster than you eat) and you get about 300 calories a day. Yes, talking between these bites, breathing or even drinking water. Lowering your rack for a few seconds can really make a lot of fun. You can even talk to your kids and your husband. Can you think?

Why does this work? If you continue to sit and eat, you have no idea how much you have eaten. And of course you will be the Lance Armstrong to eat, and your quick fork will take down the “saturation clock” of your body. You continue to eat after so long. Slowing reduces digestion strength and acid secretion.

Now the good news: recent medical studies have shown that you can lose 7 pounds a year by eating slowly. Now this may slow you down and make you smile.

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