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An array of the grandest of Paris society will be out in full fig for what promises to be one of the most splendid balls imaginable, Le Grand Bal de Versailles. It takes rather a lot to get the terminally blase Paris creme de la creme crowd out and cooing how do you say been there, done that en franqais? but this is it. And it’s not only the Parisians who are excited. Lovers and supporters of Versailles, the magnificent palace that is the jewel in France’s crown and the largest museum in the world, are coming from everywhere for the six-day celebration before and after the ball on June 22. Actually, it is the American Friends of Versailles, and they are legion, who are hostingthe festivities. This will be their last ball for years to come, and with it their fund-raising, begun with the 1999 ball, will be complete.

The glittering night will begin with a cocktail reception in the glorious Royal Chapel vestibule at Versailles to view the recently restored Paolo Veronese masterpiece and the famous Salon d’Hercule with its gorgeous ceiling painted by Francois Le Moyne. At the same time, there will be a reception on the terrace with an extraordinary perspective of those gardens and playing fountains that feed the soul. Those guests who choose who wouldn’t? may take a leisurely stroll through the Royal Apartments and the Hall of Mirrors. It’s supposed to be a surprise, but never mind there will also be a brief performance by the Royal Opera featuring this and that etoile.

The guests will then sweep on to the splendor of the Grand Trianon, the palace built as the private residence of the royal family, for dinner and the ball. The cuisine will be exquis and Pierre Celeyron, the renowned party planner, is in charge of the decor and the flowers. And of course for the grand finale, the sky will be illuminated withfeu dartifice, because what’s a big French blast without fireworks? To add the right American touch, the Michael Carney Orchestra will be flown over from New “fork To add the ultimate French touch, Mme. Jacques Chirac is the distinguished honoree.

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