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Monday Bodyweight Squats Tuesday Push Ups Wednesday Burpees Thursday Jumping Jacks Friday Jump Lunges Saturday Jump Rope

Sunday Rest Modify the exercises to fit you. If you have knee issues or are severely overweight or out of shape, burpees and jump lunges may not be for you. That’s fine. Do normal squats instead of the burpees. Do regular lunges instead of jump lunges.

Not strong enough for the push ups? Do them from your knees. Or do them on a wall, with your feet a few feet away so you have to lean into the wall.

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If push ups are too easy, do a more difficult version, such as explosive push ups, clap push ups, or spiderman push ups.

Once you’ve done that for a few weeks and exercise becomes the normal thing you do in the morning, you can start doing multiexercise routines.

Another option would be to set an appointment with your self. Instead of having a workout scheduled for Tuesday, you should have an appointment with yourself to workout on Tuesday at 6 pm You’ll be much more likely to keep this commitment

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