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Clients work very hard with their coach in trying to reach desired goals and outcomes. This section covers issues that sometimes arise and have to be negotiated by both client and coach to achieve outcomes. Some of the common issues are covered below.

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What to do if your coach seems unable to help you in some spheres All Yogis have limitations (believe it or not!). You may need help in a sphere where the coach lacks interest or training. For example, Fatima was getting more and more interested in developing and exploring her spirituality. Her coach was an atheist who really couldn’t relate to Fatima’s interest. The solution Fatima and her coach came up with was for her to work with a spiritual adviser from her faith of interest.

What to do if you are seeing a specialty coach and you have goals in the other ten spheres

If you are seeing a specialty coach at first and then you get interested in working on optimizing your life in all spheres, you need to find another coach who would be comfortable working with you as you continue with the specialty coach. You would need agreement that the new coach would not duplicate the areas you are already making progress on with the specialty coach.

Paris was working for six months with a dating coach. She had made a lot of progress and was regularly going on dates. Then she became interested in working with a coach on the ten other spheres. A friend referred her to a coach with more generalized expertise, and she met with her for an initial session. She asked the coach if she would be comfortable if Paris continued to work with the dating coach. The coach said that she would not be comfortable but referred Paris to a colleague who she thought would be fine with it. Paris liked the person she was referred to, and she continued to work with her dating coach. The combination of Yogis allowed her to make more progress in all spheres.

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