Ombre hair: The catwalk guide to good two-tone

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Ombre hair: The catwalk guide to good two-tone 

Hair and Beauty Secrets
The pH Factor
The Erno Laszlo beauty-making technique is based on acid. That’s right-on the natural acid balance of the skin. And, while he never told me, this time he didn’t need to, because all of the Laszlo products contain the letters “pH.” And I was once a chemistry major, so I know that pH means a scale of acidity and alkalinity. I did not know at the time how important that acidity is to getting and maintaining perfect skin.
Did you realize that the natural state of the human body, both inside and out, is acid? (You’ll see later about the state of your body inside, and I hope you’ll learn something new.) Your skin, like your hair, your nails, and all of you, is protected by what is called the “acid mantle.” That acid mantle is the only protection you have between your skin and all the bad bacteria that are out there in the air, just waiting to pounce on it, so you can see how important it is to make sure that nothing ever destroys the acid mantle of the skin.
Here’s what California’s progressive RedKen Laboratories has to say on the subject: “At birth, nature favored us with a slightly acidic mantle for the protection of our skin. This mantle, if kept in strict acid balance, will protect the inner structure of the skin from harmful bacteria. However, should this acid mantle be destroyed by the use of highly alkaline products and cosmetics, the destructive forces which cause wrinkles, infections, and other disorders of the skin, will take over and cause disastrous results.”
Wrinkles, infections, and other disorders are things we are going to avoid. And the way we’re going to avoid them is to test every single product that you’re even thinking of putting onto your skin. I learned this little trick years ago, when I was working on a story on hair health. Now that I know that hair, skin, nails all have the same acid mantle, I merely take the same acid-precautions. There is a little packet of testing papers you can buy at your pharmacy. It is called Nitrazine, and it is similar to the litmus paper you worked with in Chemistry I. These little strips of testing paper are corn colored, and so they should remain. For that is the color of slightly acid which is what your skin must be. The normal acidity of the skin is somewhere around 4.5 varying a bit with the oiliness of that skin. The Nitrazine paper at 4.5 will remain that yellowish color. If it turns blue, then watch out! Highly alkaline can mean highly dangerous.
If it turns purple, I think I’d leave it alone.

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