Ombre Hair 2015

Ombre highlights is the hottest hair color trend lately. It is easy to wear and also very low maintaince. You don’t have to recolor your hair after ombre because it will still look natural. So many Hollywood starts prefers this hair coloring technique because it looks very sophisticated and natural at the same time.

What makes this coloring different from the others is ombre hair technique. It actually means “shaded” in French. So it stands for shaded hair which is darker, more natural hues at the roots with gradually-dyed lightening at the ends.

There is only one restriction about getting ombre hair color. If you have previously colored your hair drastically, ombre look may not work for you. When you wash your hair up, previously applied hair color will come out. So After few hair wash, ombre color and previous hair color will create very messy color all in all.


Which Shade ?

If you have naturally fair hair you can try gradual blond ombre and if you have darker hair you can go for ginger tones at the ends or you can highlight your own hair color little bit.

After you choose main color of ombre you should think about the tone. For summer season it is advisable to go for vibrant and lighter shades. But in winter time it is best to choose cooler and more ash tones.

Ombre Hair 2015

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