Nostalgic Hairstyles For Women

Sex, drugs, rock’n’roll; the devalued pound; war in Vietnam; the assasination ofKennedy: all these were part of the rich background that gave its character to the 1970s. After ten years of community feeling among young people, the world economic downturn led to disappointment and the desire for an alternative society. Freedom and

self-expression were paramount to the disillusioned youth, whose permissive attitude permeated every aspect of their lifestyle. The total breakdown of traditional values led to the upsurge of the hippie lifestyle, and many set up communes where drugs and sex were readily available. At the same time the disco scene exploded, with glittery eye make-up, platform shoes and Afro hairdos lighting up the dance floors.

With every rule rejected, men and women left more to nature. This was reflected not only in theirclothes but in their physical appearance, too. The scruffy look hit big time – hair was long and natural, beards were back, and many women gave up on depilation.

Feminism was taken up in earnest during the 1970s. The launch of Cosmopolitan magazine, with its revolutionary discussion of orgasms, and Germaine Greer’s The Female Eunuch, struck a chord with women on both sides of the Atlantic. Even James Bond was caught wrestling with female opponents…

In spite of this, advertising imagery was, on the whole, nostalgic. Girls with long flowing tresses, in turn-of-the-century clothing filled television space as well as billboards, and companies like Yardley and Cadbury’s (with its famous Flake advert), benefitted from this atmospheric escapism.

Artifice was superseded by the natural fruit-flavoured roll-on lip gloss and face creams packed with natural ingredients such as rose, avocado, yogurt and honey were cult items. For the first time ever, anything ‘green’ was cool; vegetarianism, no longer considered faddish or outlandish, filtered into mainstream diets. Estee Lauder launched Clinique, with its three-step cleanse, tone and moisturize routine, and women went wild about skincare. Goldie Hawn, Bo Derek and Farrah Fawcett were the beauties whom women aspired to look like, with their fresh-faced, clean-haired, uncontrived look.

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