What is Nose Aesthetics Rhinoplasty?

The nose is important in the function of smell. These structures also play a role in heating and humidifying the breathing air. If there is an inability to function, it can be a headache. In aesthetic nasal surgery, care should be taken not to disturb these functions of the nose.

The nose is pyramid-shaped, consisting of cartilage and bone structures. The cartilaginous part consists of 5 large parts. One of these pieces forms the nasal chamber in the middle. The upper part of the nose consists of the nasal bone and the back part of the nasal compartment consists of the bone again. The upper part of the bony and cartilaginous structure is muscular, and the upper part of the muscle is covered with leather. The inner side of the nose is a tissue covering called the mucosa, which we can easily see on the inside of our mouth after cartilage and bone texture.

Side view of cartilages:

1: Nasal bone

2: lateral nasal cartilages

3: Cartilage forming the nasal compartment

The inner part of the nose is involved in moistening the nose and breathing air. It also adjusts the temperature of the breathing air at the same time. In very cold and dry weather, nose bleeds can be seen due to this establishment. If too much secretion is made, a nasal discharge is formed.

Complaints about the nose are very wide, very flat, very arched, wide and flat, very thin, very long, very short, twisted, asymmetrical, asymmetrical, the tip is very wide like a ball, the tip is curved and low, It may be shaped like a discrete view from the center; There may also be functional problems such as difficulty in breathing, clogging of one side, having to sleep at night, having to sleep in the mouth, and having a mouth opening.

The function of the nose is undoubtedly to participate in breathing as comfortable and effective. Many people are faced with problems breathing day or night. This sometimes leads to nervousness, depression, sporting and other antisocial behaviors that are unacceptable to other activities.

There may be occlusions in different sizes inside the nose. The vast majority of these blockages arise as the result of the warping of the middle compartment of the nose.

The mucous membrane covering the inner part of the nose is the result of excessive secretion of the tissue, and the nasal discharge occurs. Usually allergy to the nasal discharge is accompanied by the cause of the nose, and sometimes after the nasal surgery, there are continuing nasal discharges. Treatments for allergic causes need to be made with medicines.

Rarely, during the chewing, the nasal discharge can also be seen. The nasal discharge, which can be seen after the operation, may be caused by the nerves touching the nerves related to chewing.

Surgical procedures to correct the curvature of the middle nasal compartment constitute the majority of non-aesthetic nasal surgeries. The nasal cavity may be curved on both sides or may have completely lost its normal structure.

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